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Oubaitori was founded by Sofia Stigendal in 2021.


"Mother of three, a bachelor in Human resouce management, an inclusion and changemanagement expert and a lover of icecream". 


A fast-growing company is like a roller coaster run by entrepreneurial people on the go.

Sofia was one of these people working then to privatize the pharmacy market. High pace, mergers & acquisitions, reorganizations, no blueprint to follow. Building from the ground up while the whole of Sweden watched a societal change that affected everyone.


But despite all that professional experience and knowledge it wasn't until she experienced parenthood outside the norm that Sofia truly understood the power of reorganizations and how to lead yourself and others through change.  


Today, she helps you to create an outstanding workplace, where teams driving, not resisting change coming their way is the norm and both inclusion and sustainability are clear business benefits.

Picture of Sofia
Bild på grundaren Sofia och hennes tre barn gåendes nedför backe.
Image by AJ

The story of the company name
-  Oubaitori -

Oubaitori is written as 桜梅桃李 in Japanese. Each individual character represents a different kind of blossom: cherry, apricot, peach and plum. 

While these four different blossoms look very similar at first glance, they all bloom differently and have their own distinct shapes and smells. Each and every blossom is beautiful in its own way. 

The concept of oubaitori takes this idea and applies it to people. Just as blossoms bloom differently, people grow and develop in different ways too. Everyone is different, and should be proud of what makes them unique.

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