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#2. Buddy up! 3 musts and a big NO in creating a buddy system.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In the beginning, starting a new job is less about the experience one has and more about making connections.

It’s the connections we make at work that will decide, not only our impression of our new workplace but also just how quickly we can put to use the experience we have.

Speed to productivity is often a concern for both the company and the new hire.

Therefore, in this week's episode we explore the notion of having a buddy program in place since studies show that onboarding buddies boost productivity!

Not only by the new recruit being seen and appreciated but also a successful buddy systems encourage informal learning through social interaction and observation.

And did you know that social learning like this is actually a whopping 20% of our total knowledge?

No wonder new hires with workplace buddies are 23% more satisfied with their overall onboarding experience compared to those without buddies…

Curious as to how you can set one up? We’ll then you’ll not want to miss this week’s episode for sure! I go through the 3 DOs and one major DON’t when it comes to creating a buddy program...

Listen to it: HERE.

Links mentioned in this episode: Free onboarding guide

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