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#4. The no 1 growing pain in your company

”He’s/she’s a bit inexperienced in dealing with that type of situation"

Have you heard it before?

The customer service, solution, or whatever the mishandled situation is, explained away with inexperience.

But you know what, that’s actually not true. It’s not their inexperience that shows. It is more often the case of the company's culture and values being too theoretical.

If you instead make your employees be surrounded by your values and vision and incorporate them into everyday activities and discussions that you have.

Well, then they’ll KNOW how to act, sell or communicate. Because the culture and values is part of everything they do. Naturally.

In this weeks podcast episode I’ll give you some pointers as to how you make your culture and values more than a paper product.

So go and check it out!

Listen to it: HERE

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