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#6. Three pillars of remote culture building; part 2 - technology for the win! Or is it?

The last couple of years due to COVID have taught us that work is something you do and not a place you come to. Right?!

Before Covid hit work and culture was much more associated to the office, certain working hours and so on.

COVID showed us that it’s about time we got rid of the notion that culture sits within the four walls of the office. It’s time that we embrace the fact that we are all living in a huge experiment where technology and what we used to call a workplace no longer have any limitations.

And knowing that, we can instead focus on human needs and wants to stay healthy, productive, creative, social, and inspired.

Therefore, today it’s all about tools and meetings. Introducing the concept of purpose and behavior first, tools second as well as how to make meetings a part of your culture nudging and feeling you belong.

So check out the episode and enjoy! If you know of anyone else wanting to learn more about remote culture building, be sure to share this episode with them!

You find the episode HERE.

Ps. The episode is part of a mini series and and last week is was all about team purpose and priorities. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re in for a treat. You find that episode HERE.

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