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#7: Three pillars of remote culture building; part 3 - how to rock that community!

A handshake, a supporting pat on the back or a celebratory high five. All things you do working at an office. And all related to a human hormone - oxytocin being released.

Promoting feelings of trust and facilitating greater collaboration among team members.

The equivalent of working remote?

Well. There is none.

You can’t compete with being face to face, in person, interacting with others.

Which is all the bigger reason for you to tripple down on your efforts of creating space and ways of working that supports connection building. And that's the topic of this week's episode. How you double down on getting connected and forming that community when working remote.

Listen to it HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode:

- Episode about onboarding, listen to it HERE.

- Episode about buddy system, listen to it HERE.

- FREE Onboarding Blueprint Guide, download it HERE.

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