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#5. Three pillars of remote culture building; part 1 - purpose is key!

In this week’s episode I’m walking you through the first of three pillars of remote culture building. The episode is part of a mini series and we’ll dig into different perspectives in the two weeks to come.

But today it’s aaaaall about team purpose and priorities. The very backbone of building remote culture and connections within your team. Working remotely, perhaps not being connected every day with your colleagues, it’s even more important that you all know where you’re going and what’s the top priorities right now. I'm introducing you to the concept of team purpose and that doing this for your team, not just settling for the company vision and purpose gives your team another layer of connection and meaning.

That could also ultimately be what makes all of them think about their work as something more than just a job. So check out the episode and enjoy! If you know of anyone else wanting to learn more about remote culture building, be sure to share this episode with them!

You find the episode HERE.

Links mentioned in the episode:

  • Episode #1 about onboarding: HERE

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