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#1. The first step into creating THE workplace!

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

We all want to work at an awesome workplace, right? But what if you're the one in charge in making it so?! Then what? Where do you begin? One could argue that the recruitment process is the place to start and that that comes first in creating THE workplace experience. Because if that’s off, then you won’t even have a new employee to begin with, right? But in a recruitment process the employer - employee relationships is not on equal terms yet. Meaning, in the recruitment process, your applicants try to show off their best sides and rarely put any expectations on you as a an employer. Besides the obvious in terms of salary request and knowing more about the job and opportunities. In this episode you'll get to know the one thing you probably don't do nearly enough but done right can improve your year over year revenue by as much as 82% and let you experience a 50% greater new hire retention. I urge you to listen to this episode if you're even remotely interested in taking that first step into creating an awesome workplace. Learning what you're about to learn is a game changer for your business.

Listen to it: HERE.

Links mentioned in this episode: Free onboarding guide

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