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From words to action


How to navigate change without losing control!

A lecture with me is an inspirational, educational and personal development time investment when it comes to navigating change at the workplace. My main target group are managers and HR about to go through organizational changes at the workplace, wanting to bring their employees with them on the ride without losing control of the process.


Bringing a unique perspective to the table with two decades worth of driving change professionally as HR and negotiator combined with everyday homeschooling in inclusion and communication having experienced parenthood outside the norm for the past decade.  

I will custom make the lecture to bring forth your most challenging and most needed areas to focus on. Leaving you with the tools and priorities that you need right now. Also giving all the managers a personal checklist as to their next step in managing the change about to happen. 


I also teach you about the "Close the gap" model, which is a simple and strategic way to make your employees drive change and help you move from where you're at now to where you want to end up. 


I lecture about this and much more combining professional and private learnings on leadership, change management and inclusion and helping you to see the simple, relatable steps that you have within you to do the same.  

"WOOOOW! Clear, concrete and inspiring!!!!"


"Genuine and trust-inspiring, delivering with security and energy".

Chris, S

"This presentation gets under my skin, wish you had been there when my previous company made big changes. Really good and genuine."


"Great poise and clarity, really engaging!!"

Urban, S

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