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"The common thread for these diversity winners is a systematic approach, together with bold steps to strengthen inclusion.”
– McKinsey & company

There will be no change if you don't dare to challenge. It is hard. It is difficult. But it's worth it! If you want to succeed with inclusion - you need to have an idea of what you want to achieve AND a plan for how it will be done. It is not something that will be solved overnight. And it's not something you come up with on your own at your desk.


You need to get involved as a business. Systematically review how inclusion is or should be part of your foundation. One way to do this is to think and work on something together.


So if you want to...

...create a common starting point. 

...get an overview of where you are and where you are going.

...figure out what opportunities and challenges you have in depth.


Then you can take a look at the workshops below.

Not quite ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Perhaps a thought-provoking, inspiring or touching lecture is more suitable? Everything can of course be obtained online or on site.



This is what you'll get

  • Inspiration and knowledge boosting based on your specific conditions

  • Solid preparations through a written form and a conversation so that the day will really be based on your starting point and desired effect.

  • Follow-up calls within 3 weeks with support in taking reactions and ideas further.


Who is diversity?

Suitable when you want to talk about attitudes, values and increase knowledge about differences and density of perspectives in the company.


How inclusive are we today?

How do you work today and what challenges and opportunities do you have? For the entire company or for a group that gets to try different conditions in relation to their own product or service. For example, the communicators and the website, HR and the recruitment process.


To be invited, invited to dance or organize the dance...

The difference between political correctness and inclusion and why adaptations are problematic.


I was too privileged to realize

A personal story about working with HR, having a back injury and being the parent of a child with multiple disabilities..

Is this for you?

Have you found something that is relevant to you? Or do you have some ideas of your own? Awesome! Contact us today and we'll figure out how to make it THE best day for you. 

Thank you, talk to you soon!