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Let me be your wingwoman! 

"There will be no change if you don't dare to challenge. It is hard. It is difficult. But it's worth it, and I'll be right there with you every step of the way" 

Sofia coaching a man who's sitting by his computer.

Wingwoman in change
- 6 or 12 months

This is for you who:

  • work as a manager, HR or business owner and is about to kick-off a change journey at the workplace such as a re-organisation, office move, organizational changes, implement a new system etc.  

  • want to ensure that your team is onboard on the changes ahead without loosing control of the process.  

  • want to lead professionally and strategically but don't want to let a consultant take the rains in public. 

  • know that change management is important but not quite sure how to lead and navigate though change. 

  • want to make sure all employees are included in the journey but not sure how everyday inclusion can be successfully utilized in a change process. 

This is what's included in your wingwoman set up.

1:1 sessions via Zoom each month.

Our individual sessions are tailor made for your specific needs at this time and the kind of support you feel that you are in need of right now.  We can formulate your vision, the gap from where you are and the actions that will take you forward. Outline a workshop for your team or discuss specific hurdles regarding milestones or team members and create action plans to meet them head on. Or we work on your capacity right now as a leader and what you need to do for yourself to power through with energy. 

Unlimited access to me over Slack as a personal advisor and wingwoman

You have the opportunity to use me as your personal advisor and sounding board during the entire period we work together over Slack - workshops, strategy, communication, leadership and much more. Think of it as having an advisor and coach that you have access to in your pocket!

An action plan to follow

You'll get specific actions from me based to follow up on depending on where you're at in your journey. 

Personal feedback - including help with information texts and workshop outline

I'll give you feedback on all the material that you produce during our collaboration. It could be the e-mail to your team informing on the changes, the presentation for the management team or the outline for a workshop with the managers of the company and much more. 

Sofia sitting in front of the computer having a discussion on zoom.

To sum it up

The "1:1 wingwoman in change" is for you who is about to embark on some sort of workplace change and want someone to guide you through getting your employees onboard without loosing control of the process. 

You'll get:

  • 1:1 sessioner on Zoom each month (55 minutes)

  • Unlimited access to me on Slack in between sessions (Monday though Friday)

  • Action plans to follow

  • Personal feedback, including feedback on text and workshops

You can choose to work with me 6 or 12 months. I only take on a limited amount of clients to best help those I have so if this sounds interesting, don't wait.

Are you ready to close the gap between where you are and where you want to end up?

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